Where to find cheep S3 compatible object-storage in germany?


I’m trying to find a cheep S3-compatible storage in Europe or ever better Germany, owned and maintained by a local operator, so google, amazon, DO, Linode and all the other US-companies are ruled out.

Anyone that knows of a good place to go to?


PS: You’re welcome to write in german - I’m just unable to write in german :wink:

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Moin Henning,

als europäische S3-Anbieter kenne ich: ionos 1&1 und HiDrive (Strato).


Accourding to About us - The company at a glance | IONOS by 1&1 it’s a US company. Even though 1&1 started in Europe.

And according to Unternehmen - STRATO the top of strato has also top.positions in ionos.

Looks a little strange to me.