Why are meetings no longer announced here?


Well subject should say it all.

I’d expect that SLFL is interested in new people attending, but that’s a little difficult if dates and locations are not made public.

PS: Sorry for my english, but my written german is probably worse than writing my message in danish, and the get google to translate first to english, end then to german - but don’t hesitate to reply i german anyway :wink:



Weil ich schlampig war und es vergessen habe, sorry.

Termin kommt gleich 15.06.2018 24399 Arnis Lange Str. 40

Aktuelle Termine sind immer auf https://iot-usergroup.de/kalender/?listtype=6&months=2 und eigentlich auch auf https://ffslfl.net zu finden.


Uhh. That was far away from DK. 80 minutes and 110km from my place.


Perhaps a note of these links should be in Über die Kategorie Termine

Anyway. I’ve added the rss-feed on https://iot-usergroup.de/kalender/ so I will be notified :wink:

Perhaps a app to import new enrties in the calendar into a new topic in https://forum.iot-usergroup.de/c/suedschleswig/termine-ttn-sl wuold be a nice thing :wink:



Nun hat die Übersicht einen Kalender :wink: